Spy x Family Second Half of The Anime Airing from 1st October While A Stage Musical is Scheduled for 2023

Spy x Family Season 2

Who doesn’t like gypsy spies entangling their artistic sway of murder for the greater good of the people? No wonder Spy x Family anime’s first cour took everyone by the hook. The good news is that the other half which is season 2, premieres on October 1st at 11:00 p.m (10:00 a.m EDT). The second good news is that a stage musical is all set for the spring of 2023.

Spy x Family premiered on 9th April 2022 with Crunchyroll streaming it along with an English dub.

Crafted by Tetsuya Endo, the story follows the master spy code name “Twilight” as the alias Loid Forger who is tasked with spying on a particular leader in the country of Ostania. Yet this leader is no small feat, and to infiltrate such a high-profile individual requires Loid to reach him through the leader’s son’s school. To accomplish this Twilight conjures a plan to have a family, albeit a fake one.

  • In his pursuit of the same, he comes across this wonderful pink-haired Anya in an orphanage, who is actually an esper and can read minds.
  • When one thing was solved comes another requirement from school – a parent-teacher meeting in which the mother must be present by any means.
  • This is when we meet our next most beloved character, Yor Briar who is in secret, a master assassin. Only Anya, who can read both their minds, know who they truly are, and what they are truly aiming for.

Spy x Family Second Season and Stage Musical

As the couple steers through the challenges, obstacles, and their personal goals, we see an unconventional family drama unfold amidst an array of blood shots, stabs, assassinations, and governmental spy works.

What’s Cooking In The Second Season of Spy x Family

The second season will follow the Doggy Crisis arc with the introduction of the new antagonist Keith Kepler, an unpleasant and racist fellow with hyper-nationalist patriotism. Keith leads the isolationist Student Group of his university to assassinate the foreign minister of Westalis.


Of course, the name Doggy Crisis is not for naught as Anya will press Loid to adopt a dog. If you’re expecting this dog to be a “normal, furry man’s best friend”, well think again because this doggo can see into the future! An assassin, an esper, a spy, and a fortune-telling pet. Way to go!

The Stage Musical Inspired By The Manga is All Set For 2023

spy x family
Snippet from First Season of Spy x Family

The musical stage play production works continue at Tokyo’s Imperial Theatre til March 2023. Starting in April they will begin a nationwide tour lasting May. This shall be Imperial Theatre’s first musical production.

Toho Stage has been very excited to unravel the spy family drama and has resolved to remain true to the vision of the manga while acknowledging the potential for Spy x Family season 2 of the anime. The manga lately has sparked fiercely surpassing 25 million copies in circulation.

The Role of Anya in The Spy x Family Stage Musical

Back in May, Toho Stage announced that they would start an auditioning process for the role of Anya. The participant criteria stated that the actor must be between 70cm and 100cm. Toho released applications with the deadline of June 17, 2022.

Stage Musical Anya role
Anya Forger

Practical screenings were held in Tokyo on August 6 and 7. They have also scheduled a workshop-style lesson/orientation for the selected few and shall start in September and October. Toho will select the finalist by the end of November as the stage rehearsals are beginning in January 2023.

Spy x Family appeased many anime fans and one must account for the fact that Wit Studio and CloverWorks rarely disappoint when it comes to adapting manga stories. We are really excited about what Spy x Family season 2 is going to bring us, but we can be sure as hell that it will be another fun ride. Comment below what your expectations for this new arc are.

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