Pokémon fans, let out your Pokédex and Pokéballs for here comes another Wordle spinoff, SQWORDLE!

Sqwordle is a Pokémon-inspired Wordle game developed by Nathan Fretz. Since then, it has already gathered attention from Wordle and Pokémon fans around the globe.


Well, it is pretty similar to Wordle, but the words are basically all about Gen 1 Pokémons. Just like Wordle, you will also be given 6 attempts to guess the correct answer. The game also resets every 24 hours.

Nathan Fretz, or u/thecrumpking on Reddit, posted the mechanics of the Pokémon-themed Wordle on the subreddit for Wordle.


  • A Poison-type Pokemon living beneath the face of the ocean
  • Those tentacles looks cool!
  • Are these Pokemons really CRUEL? Or are they just misunderstood?
  • Scroll down for the answer!

Tip: Start off with common Pokémons you know about. If you guessed it wrong, the Pokémon will attack you and give you subtle hints. Also, take note that the game only features Gen 1 Pokémons, so we suggest pulling out a Pokédex (app or website) to check the Pokémons.

The Wordle Craze

Since its release in October last year, Wordle has already spawned lots and lots of different spinoffs. From longer words, lewd words, song intros, geography, crosswords, and now a Pokémon-themed Wordle puzzle, the craze just won’t stop.

It’s entertaining and challenging at the same time. It’s also a good pastime but not that much of a time-consuming game since you can solve it as fast as you can. To add, you also won’t get bored since the game resets every day.


Tentacruel, Photo Courtesy of Sqwordle

The hype for Wordle spinoffs is not going down anytime soon. With that, there is a great chance we will see more spinoffs this year! What do you think would be next? Make sure you come back here at Spiel Times for a daily update of clues and answers!    

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