The Wordle clones just keep on coming as another Pokémon-themed Wordle became available to play for Pokémon enthusiasts all over the world. Sqwordle is the newest addition to the Wordle clones. And so far, it looks promising.

Sqwordle is like Squirdle, but they do have their unique traits.

Nathan Fretz, or u/thecrumpking on Reddit, posted the mechanics of the Pokémon-themed Wordle on the subreddit for Wordle. There, he explained the general idea of the game. Sqwordle has players guess the Pokémon from the 151 creatures included in the Kanto roster. In Squirdle, the game makes you guess from the entire Pokémon roster. Whereas Fretz’s version focuses on Gen. 1 Pokémon instead.

Make the wrong guess and the Pokémon attacks you.

Players are given six tries to guess who the mystery Pokémon is. If the guess is incorrect, Sqwordle gives you further hints to who the Pokémon of the day is. If Wordle gives you feedback on spelling, Sqwordle gives you feedback on the unique traits of whoever the Pokémon is.

According to Fretz, “you get feedback based on your guess’ Type, Evolution Tree, Attack, Defense, Height, and Weight.” But if those are not enough hints, the mystery Pokémon will attack you after each guess. This will help you get a general idea of who the mystery Pokémon may be.

It’s not exclusively for Pokémon masters.

Another interesting concept about Sqwordle is you don’t have to know who all the Gen. 1 Pokemons are. One Redditor found Sqwordle ‘super cool’, but added that they are “super bad” at guessing Pokemon. Fretz responded with a ‘super cool’ detail about Sqwordle.

The game even features three difficulty modes and an unlimited Sqwordle game mode. Catch them all–or guess them all with Sqwordle. Give it a shot here and feel free to let the creator know your thoughts on the new Pokemon-themed Sqwordle.

Will you be testing your Pokémon knowledge with this new game? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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