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It didn’t take two days for them to make the necessary changes. On December 15, GSC Game World revealed that the STALKER 2 game would include NFT (non-fungible tokens), promising to build a “metaverse” centered on digital and exclusive content. However, as of today, December 17, the devs has modified its plans in response to user outcry. The creators said in a post shared on Twitter: “We hear you.”

NFTs and Gaming

The discussion in the video game industry revolves around NFTs. Are they the industry’s next big thing or a just pipe dream? Since their introduction, these digital certificates have sparked a slew of queries, as well as opposing and proponent viewpoints. The suggestion has clearly failed to persuade STALKER 2 aficionados.

We’ve heard a variety of perspectives on the future of NFTs in the video game business from a variety of people. EA believes they are the next logical step. However, individuals such as Xbox’s Phil Spencer have not shied away from pointing out the detrimental impact they can have on video games. Steam, on the other hand, has explicitly forbidden games that are linked to NFTs and cryptocurrencies.


Another point worth mentioning is what they promised in STALKER 2. Players might freely obtain a form of NFT that allowed them to take on the role of a character in the game. The developers pledged to create “a metaverse” – a term popularized by Mark Zuckerberg – and “bridges” between reality and the gaming world itself in this way. When presented in a way, it all sounds extremely groundbreaking, yet… Actually, it’s something that’s been done for quite some time without requiring players to purchase anything.

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