Stalker creeps out Twitch streamer Jinnytty during Taiwan IRL livestream as police gets involved

Jinny Jinnytty Twitch streamer stalker incident police livestream Taiwan

South Korean Twitch streamer Jinnytty went through a harrowing ordeal as she encountered a stalker during an IRL livestream in Taiwan. The stranger appeared to be following her for hours before Jinny decided it was enough and alerted the police. The incident caused the Twitch streamer to fear for her safety but fortunately the authorities were able to help her at the right time.

As a part of her ongoing ‘Waddlethon’, Jinny has been livestreaming her IRL journey where she tries to walk the entire stretch of Taiwan. On one particular 20 kilometer walking stint, the stalker incident occurred bringing her to a halt. Jinny’s ordeal has raised concerns about the safety of women and in particular, streamers’ personal lives and privacy.

Exploring Jinny’s encounter with the stalker in Taiwan

During her Waddlethon in Taiwan, Twitch streamer Jinnytty encountered the stalker who was wearing a black hoodie covering his face. Jinn stopped multiple times to throw him off her path but in vain. The stalker continued to hide and reappear to creep out the Korean streamer.

The stranger kept stalking Jinny for over hours until she alerted police authorities on her way. The streamer cleverly used Google Translate to make sure the Taiwanese police understood her complaint. She requested them to make sure the stalker stopped following her. 

According to reports, the police confronted the man and asked him to reveal his identity. They detained the stalker to make sure he did not continue his pursuit of Jinny. As of now, the man is now under arrest and kept under psychiatric supervision.

Female Twitch streamers concerned over privacy

Jinnytty’s stalker incident has raised serious concerns over the privacy of female streamers, especially with stream snipers. They use the information they gather from the stream to track down the streamer’s location or personal information. 

In Jinny’s case, her Waddlethon route is pretty straightforward making it accessible for anyone to stalk her. Despite these risks, Jinny plans to keep streaming and feels better knowing she has support from viewers and the authorities. In a previous incident, Jinny’s phone was stolen while she was live streaming.

Social media reactions to Jinnytty’s stalker incident

Jinnyty recounts her experience with the stalker in her stream and the footage is now circulating on platforms like Reddit and Twitter. The Korean Twitch streamer’s harrowing encounter with the stalker has sparked debate about online privacy.

byu/kirose from discussion

byu/kirose from discussion

It has raised a lot of questions about stream sniping and its consequences. While online gaming communities prohibit it, the practice is still a concern like in Jinny’s case.

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