Star Wars Battlefront 2 To Introduce New “Ewok Hunt” Game Mode

Ewok Hunt Mode

Star Wars Battlefront 2 micro-transactions will be back next week. The update scheduled for April 18 will bring with it a new game mode by the name, “Ewok Hunt Mode”.

Players can play either as an Ewok defending their village or as a member of the Empire surviving ambushes. Here’s what EA had to say about the Ewok Hunt mode –

The ambush begins as Ewoks attack unsuspecting stormtroopers, using spears, Wisties, and other skills to take down their opponents. Each stormtrooper defeated spawns as another Ewok, multiplying until the Empire’s forces have been completely eliminated, and the Ewok celebration can begin. However, the stormtroopers’ superior training and firepower are more than a match for the Ewoks. Armed with a cadre of weapons as well as flashlights to pierce the darkness, players must hold back the Ewok’s ambush if they have a hope of surviving until an extraction team can arrive.

In the April 18th update, EA will add 50+ appearances, including new Endor-themed looks for Han Solo and Leia Organa. Players can spend real-life money on buying crystals – the in-game currency used to buy appearances.

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