Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the whole micro-transaction controversy.

I’m sure many of you remember the fiasco. Apparently, EA is bringing back micro-transactions to Star Wars Battlefront 2 in a new update next week. EA will release an update on April 18 that will let players buy crystals to spend on cosmetic upgrades.

Players could use these crystals to purchase in-game skins for playable characters. EA announced over 50 appearances, including new Endor-themed looks for Han Solo and Leia Organa.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 originally had in-game transaction options. EA pulled out all the micro-transactions after players complained that the same affected the gameplay in certain ways.

The new update will also allow players to play as Ewoks. Players can relive the battle between the Ewoks and Imperial stormtroopers on the forest moon of Endor. (Return of the Jedi reference)

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