Star Wars Battlefront’s Filmic Mod Transforms The Game, Here Is A Video In 4K

This looks fantastic!

The world of mods is always extremely active and allows us to experience high-level titles of even greater quality. Let’s not forget also that the mods prolong the life of games that, otherwise, could be truly doomed. Let’s think, for example, of Star Wars Battlefront: with the release of the second chapter one might think that it is now forgotten. In truth, it is still the center of attention of modders. We can present you a new Filmic mod, which elevates the graphic quality of the game to the maximum.

The creator is Giulio Maria Guglielmi, aka “MassiHancer”, who through external programs such as Reshade and tone map, and various cinematographic effects, worked on the game. Textures were brought in 4K, a dynamic and cinematic Dof (blur effect) was added and the entire lighting system was reworked to make the game more realistic and bright, without going to affect the original artistic vision of the developers.

Above you can find a video that shows all the qualities of MassiHancer’s work with Star Wars Battlefront. Obviously, we recommend watching it in 4K. The mod requires a gaming machine of a certain level. The creator suggests at least one GTX 1080 TI for 4K and 30fps, but for maximum fluidity, it would be better to use an RTX 2080 TI.

Tell us, what do you think of the results achieved by MassiHancer?


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