Unleashing the Force of talent: The incredible Voice Actors behind STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor

Unleashing the Force of talent The incredible Voice Actors behind Star Wars Jedi Survivors

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, the latest title in the Star Wars game franchise depicts the story of Cal Kestis, one of the rare survivors of the Great Jedi Purge. The game has a compelling storyline that revolves around finding the Holocron to revive the Jedi Order.

Characters in the game combine motion capture with conventional voice acting. The game includes droids and alien creatures, while many characters are modeled after the likeness of their voice actor too. Here is a list of the game’s fan-favorite characters, along with some information about the actors portraying them.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Voice Actors

Merrin | Tina Ivlev

Tina Ivlev
Image via Wokieepedia and IMDb

Tina Ivlev is primarily known for her on-screen acting work, but she has also voiced a few characters in video games, including Merrin in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and various characters in the games: Smite and Paladins.

Merrin is a Dathomirian Nightsister who lived during the Imperial Era. She is the sole survivor of the massacre that occurred during the Clone Wars. She holds the Jedi responsible for the deaths of her loved ones and sets her sights on Cal Kestis and the remaining Jedi.

Turgle | Richard Steven Horvitz

Richard Steven Horvitz as Turgle
Image via Wokieepedia and IMDb

Turgle is a frog-like creature that can be located on the planet Koboh. He is voiced by prolific American voice actor Richard Steven Horvitz.

Turgle is a new character for the Star Wars canon introduced in this game. Players have the opportunity to aid him as part of the game’s narrative. Known for his humorous demeanor, Turgle’s character aligns with the comedic personalities often portrayed by Horvitz in his other works. He has voiced Zim in Invader Zim and Alpha 5 in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Cere Junda | Debra Wilson

Unleashing the Force of talent: The incredible Voice Actors behind Star Wars Jedi Survivors - Debra Wilson
Image via IMDb and Wokieepedia

Debra Wilson portrays Cere Junda. Most people recognize her as the longest-serving cast member on the sketch comedy series, MadTV. She is also a prolific voice actor and has contributed her voice to various video games, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, League of Legends, etc.

Having received training from Jedi Master Eno Cordova, Cere Junda serves as Cal Kesti’s mentor. She mentored Cal in the ways of the force during the rise of the Galactic Empire.

BD-1 | Ben Burtt

Unleashing the Force of talent: The incredible Voice Actors behind Star Wars Jedi Survivors - Ben Burtt
Image via Wokieepedia and Rotten Tomatoes

Ben Burtt is a renowned sound designer who has worked on almost all installments of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. He is the one who lends his voice to BD-1, the explorer droid who joins Jedi Cal Kestis on his journey.

Burtt has immense and impressive contributions to the Star Wars universe which include the creation of iconic sounds of the lightsaber hum, Darth Vader’s breathing, etc. He has voiced two popular robot characters so far. The first one is Wall-E and the second is the fan-favorite droid of the Star Wars universe.

Cal Kestis | Cameron Monaghan

Voice Actor Star Wars Jedi Survivors - Cameron Monaghan
Image via Rotten Tomatoes and EA Games

The renowned actor Cameron Monaghan portrays Cal Kestis, the Jedi protagonist. Cameron is known for his amazing on-screen acting as the twins Jerome and Jeremiah Valaska on the show Gotham and Ian Gallagher on the show Shameless.

Cal Kestis was one of the few who survived the Great Jedi Purge and went into hiding on Bracca. Cal embarks on a journey to restore the Jedi Order while the Empire’s Jedi Hunters hunt him down.

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