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Last January 2021, Massive Entertainment unveiled some pretty exciting news when they announced their collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm Games. The collaboration aims to deliver an open world game for Star Wars which seems like it’s coming soon. Now that we are in 2023, gamers are dying to know more about taking on a new adventure set in the world of Star Wars.

Everything we know about the upcoming Star Wars open world game

After announcing the Star Wars open world game in the works, Massive Entertainment and all other parties have been mum about it. But if you’re not new to Ubisoft’s antics, you’ll know this is perfectly normal for the company. One day, they’re going to drop a big announcement. Then just like that, they won’t provide any other updates unless they’re nearing a release date or beta testing.

However, Ubisoft’s creative director Julian Gerighty has re-ignited the hype with a New Year’s tweet. In the tweet, Gerighty greets his Twitter followers a happy new year before going on to say that “2023 is going to be huge for us.

  • Ubisoft is definitely focusing on keeping the project under wraps. For the uninitiated, Massive Entertainment is part of the Ubisoft family. Until now, we don’t have a working title for the project. All we know is that it will be an open world game set in the Star Wars universe. 
Star Wars Open World game coming soon What we know so far - SWJS
Image Courtesy of EA
  • Not only is 2023 going to be huge for Massive Entertainment, gamers are also looking forward to the release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. 2023 is looking like a big year for Star Wars fans all over the world! Hopefully, Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games release more information about the project in the coming months.

What to expect in the upcoming game

Honestly, anything can happen with the upcoming Star Wars open world game. The good thing is Massive Entertainment is no stranger to open world titles.

Star Wars Open World game coming soon What we know so far - 2
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  • In the previous years, they have worked on titles like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Far Cry 3. Both titles feature a rich and vast map that will keep any gamer busy. We are hoping we can say the same for the unnamed Star Wars project. 
  • Expectations are high for something as ambitious as an open world Star Wars game. It might follow in the footsteps of Hogwarts Legacy and allow players to customize their own character. Plus, there may even be an opportunity for players to choose whether they stand with the Jedi Order or the Sith Order. 
Star Wars Open World game coming soon What we know so far - 3
Image Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • Keep in mind that these are all merely speculations. Both AC: Revelations and Far Cry 3 already had its own protagonist, so maybe Massive Entertainment will stick to that formula. Nonetheless, we are more than excited for what Massive has planned for the open world Star Wars game! 
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What do you want to see from an open world game set in the universe of Star Wars? Do you think they will retain some of the iconic characters in the franchise? Or is it time to create another storyline from George Lucas’ hit sci-fi series? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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