Star Wars: Squadrons

Right after the game got leaked via Microsoft Store, Jeff Grub is here with more details about Star Wars: Squadrons. This is the same game that we’ve known as Project Maverick. But sadly, it’s a multiplayer-focused space combat game.

The game has a single-player campaign, but its main focus is aerial/space combat against players using Star Wars vessels. It’s an EA Motive studio game and more details on it will emerge during the EA Play event on June 18. According to Jeff’s sources, the game will feature team battles. The game is targetted to come out for PC and consoles this fall.

Jeff has an interesting take on the game. He says –

“It’s worth noting that this game is the direct result of EA wanting to release a new Star Wars game relatively quickly. Executives deemed other Star Wars projects too ambitious or requiring too many years of development. So set your expectations accordingly.”

Once we have more details on the game, we’ll notify you.

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