Starfield: How Many Planets Are There?

Starfield how many planets

Starfield has captured significant attention within the gaming community over the recent months. This is hardly surprising, given that Starfield promises to deliver an expansive open-world environment teeming with thousands of planets ready to be explored. However, an intriguing question arises: How many planets are there within the realm of Starfield? This article will examine this particular aspect.

Starfield will be the biggest open-world game

After years of development, Starfield is edging closer to its awaited full release. Bethesda’s sci-fi concept is almost tangible. While uncertainties about its platforms remain, players are enthusiastic about journeying through The Settled Systems, curious about the secrets, treasures, and challenges that lie ahead.

  • Being Bethesda’s first original game in over two decades, it’s no wonder that Starfield is generating immense anticipation as one of 2023’s standout releases. 
  • This project, their largest to date, has caught players’ attention, who are promptly securing their copies through pre-orders.

Central to the game’s promotion is the idea of players exploring a multitude of planets within the game. According to Director Todd Howard, Starfield is akin to “Skyrim in space,” promising numerous missions, adversaries, and hidden locales.

From day one, players plunging into the game will encounter a vast galaxy awaiting exploration. But the question lingers: just how many planets are available for landing?

How many explorable planets are there?

Bethesda has officially announced that Starfield will feature a remarkable array of over 1,000 unique planets for exploration. Each of these planets will scatter across 100 unique star systems, each with its exceptional weather patterns, species, and distinctive traits.

  • Certain planets will even be accompanied by their own moons awaiting discovery.
  • You’ll also find space stations scattered among these celestial bodies that enrich the game with many captivating areas for players to engage with deeply.

Starfield will generate the planets through procedural methods, spontaneously constructing the entire world and its landscapes within the game. However, unlike other games that utilize similar techniques, Starfield’s planets will also incorporate specially crafted regions.

In a conversation on the Kinda Funny Xcast, Todd Howard, the Game Director at Bethesda, explained, “Crafting an entire planet manually is an unfeasible task for us. Instead, we meticulously design specific locations, including major cities and pivotal quest sites. Then, we have a set of locations that are either generated or placed when players land on a particular planet.”

How lively are Starfield’s planets?

Starfield how many planets
Image courtesy of Starfield

Out of the vast array of over 1,000 planets featured in Starfield, approximately 10% of them are inhabited by life forms. This implies that players can expect to come across various organisms on roughly 100 distinct planets while progressing through the game.

  • According to Todd Howard’s explanation, “Around 10% of these planets are home to life.” 
  • This decision is quite understandable since creating 100 unique planets teeming with diverse life forms would pose significant challenges to the game’s development. 
  • “We’re really pushing the boundaries here, considering factors like habitable zones and resource-rich planets,” he further elaborated.

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