Start-up firm SUP3R5, the company which had promised to bring 300 custom black PS5 based on the PS2’s design, has recently deleted all its internet presence. The custom PS5s were priced at $649, reports VGC, for pre-orders.

The launch, however, was a blunder as the company accepted payments from people but failed to have the promised units distributed.

This sparked a controversy, leading many to call it a scam. SUP3R5 later said that such comments were “hurtful, confusing, and unfair” and defended their position by claiming that accusations of fraud emerged because the company was a start-up and that youtubers and content creators had a hand in peddling false stories.

The company did not however, turn away from accepting that the January launch botch up was “incredibly disappointing, frustrating experience”.

That does not change the fact that the company has abruptly downed the shutters on all their social media accounts, leaving many customers, who are yet to receive refund for their pre-orders baffled and without a channel of clear communication.

“Nobody should ever have to deal with the psychological distress of receiving credible threats to their safety. Nothing is worth that. We received multiple threats, some of which appeared to be actively trying to locate us to inflict physical harm. This is not what we signed up for, and that’s why we decided to cancel orders and refund everyone,” the company said, shortly before going dark.

VGC reports that a customer, via personal mail, had let them know that they had opened a claim with PayPal after not receiving their refund. Another on reddit was facing the same issues.


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