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Steam is back and it’s time for some late night gaming

In the past few hours, we saw many memes, jokes and serious notes on the Steam downtime. Well, everything’s fine now as Lord Gaben is always there to bless us. Despite Phantom Squad’s attempt to hack Steam servers, they’re live once again.

If you’re unaware of what happened in the last few hours, take a look at –

Phantom Squad’s Twitter Account Suspended and Steam Down – Phantom Squad claims they’re responsible

Even though Steam is back, not all functions are working properly. For eg, the Steam News window and the Store page.



  1. Loser ass cock suckers are all they are….. Hope they all die a fiery horrible death just for their “want” to do something like this.

    Just upsets everyone and doesn’t do much to big corporations. Even if they did shut it all down for a few days you think steam wouldn’t drop a sale in lieu of it all later….?

    So sad to see people with such skills resorting to sorry arsed feeble tactics like this.


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