Lord Gaben’s Steam in trouble, DDoSed by hacker group called Phantom Squad

The leading virtual game distribution service ‘Steam’ is unavailable to players across the globe. I came back from my tuition classes, sat down for a relaxing Dota match but every time I tried this screen appeared –Steam


I thought its a problem with my PC. But eventually when I scrolled through social media pages and groups, I found out it’s a problem across the globe. Steam is a gigantic company and server problems like today’s are not common.

Later while researching, a unknown term @cripthepoodle started trending on Twitter. Later we came to know the Steam servers have been DDoSed by a group of hackers called Phantom Squad.

By their tweets we assume it is planned crime. Take a look at their recent tweets –
Phantom Squad Twitter Phantom Squad Twitter Phantom Squad Twitter Steam

It’s uncertain if Phantom Squad are really responsible for the downtime. Till then stay tuned with Spiel Times for frequent updates.