Steam Deck Asia release – What we know

Steam Deck’s global release has been highly anticipated ever since its unveiling. It’s a powerful handheld gaming rig that is capable of playing games intended for the PC. It’s probably one of the biggest competitors of the Nintendo Switch, with the only issue being it’s available. Now, that may seem to change as people have been receiving updates about its Asia release.

The Release Details

Steam Deck’s Twitter account announced that they begin shipping to Asia on December 17. Those who pre-ordered the unit should confirm their purchase through the distributor Komodo. It will officially release the handheld powerhouse to several regions. The regions are:

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • South Korea

Komodo is a Japan-based e-commerce website selling gaming gear, including consoles and peripherals. Their reach is only through those four regions for now, but it is a good sign for the rest of Asia.

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Other Areas

There have been no details yet about releases in other areas of Asia, such as the Southeast. The Steam Deck has no official distributors there, and they’re prioritizing official channels. The expectation is that we’ll likely see general distribution by early 2023. They have made no such promises, but the expectations are high since it had a highly successful Western release.

Different Packages and Prices

Based on the Komodo website, there are three types of Steam Deck packages available. The most affordable one will have 64GB eMMC storage and a carrying case. Its value at the US store is $399.

The second package will have 256GB storage on an NVMe SSD. That means faster performance thanks to its storage. It will also have a carrying case and an exclusive Steam community profile. It’s more of a unique digital profile look that showcases your proud ownership of a Steam deck. The value is $529.

The final and most expensive package will have everything stated above. Other than that, it will have premium anti-glare etched glass. That means added durability and less strain on the eyes when gaming. It will also have an exclusive virtual keyboard theme that’s only available with this tier. The price of it in the US store is $649.

What to Expect from the Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck is a well-thought-out machine. Like many of Valve’s projects, it surprised the gaming community, providing great performance. It has a unique SteamOS that allows it to function like a console while still retaining PC-level performance.

It doesn’t have much battery life when playing higher requirement games, which will require you to plug in. However, it’s great if you’re only engaging in light gaming while traveling. It has much potential, being a portable gaming rig with an open platform. Customizability and mods may be possible through third-party developers.

The biggest issue is that you won’t be able to connect to the most popular multiplayer games yet. It’s because there has been no work done for cross-platform play integrating the SteamOS. Development in this area has been slow but will likely increase if the handheld gains popularity.

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