Steam Deck: Devs’ First Impressions

“Honestly a bit of a game-changer for me.”

The developers started becoming vocal about their Valve’s portable PC along with their Steam Deck dev. The feedbacks received have been constructive applauding the device’s performance. The games industry professionals complimented Valve’s portable PC.

As reported by Valve, dev kits of Steam Deck are “functionally identical” to the product that the customers will get. 

The impression that Valve’s portable console left on the developers was optimistic. 

“Honestly a bit of a game-changer for me might end up making my switch a bit redundant outside of Nintendo first-party” proclaimed Mike Rose, founder at No More Robots, who tested Valve’s Portable consoles obtaining around 50-60 fps with full Ultra gfx activated. He has already tested Valve Corporation’s Here’s Yes, Your Grace, Not Tonight 2, and Descenders. 

“[My friend] showed me our card games playing on it. They look great and play well, but I might want to make some hitbox enhancements for touchscreen play.”
-Jake Birkett, Grey Alien Games

Cliff Harris, the founder of Positech Games, acclaimed Democracy 4 works well with the trackpad controls and the game runs smooth. “First impressions are that this is really really cool”, he continues. “And Democracy 4 seems to run ok on it out-of-the-box, although the steam paddle-finger doodads work 1000x better than the thumbsticks for my game. The sound is REALLY good. Framerate is perfect.”

A developer shared his experience while testing ResetEra, “It runs at native 1280×800, autodetects High settings via the launcher, and runs at 60fps. After having played Skyrim and the two expansions on Switch, this is a bit of a revelation seeing it run on a handheld device so smoothly.”

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