Steam Game Festival 2020
Courtesy of The Game Awards

Update (3:28 pm IST)

Nodding Heads Games representative has confirmed that the festival will start on Wednesday, 18th March.

Update (1:29 pm IST):

The festival will now start on Wednesday, i.e., March 25. More updates coming soon.

Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Game Awards announced The Game Festival last year. It’s a digital event, in partnership with Steam, during which, you can try out a dozen first-look game demos. Thanks to a developer, we now know the dates for the Steam Game Festival 2020.

The event’s planned for March 23-27, March 18-pending, according to Nodding Heads Games, a Pune-based (India) developer, currently working on their isometric action-adventure game, Raji: An Ancient Epic.

Nodding Heads made an announcement post on Steam, informing its fans how they can try out an all-new demo of Raji, which lets you play through the first level of the game – the ruins.

The company writes, “From to upcoming Monday to Friday (for the duration of the Steam Game Festival) you will have the chance to play an all-new demo of Raji: An Ancient Epic. This demo will let you play through the first level of the game – the ruins.”

Editor’s Note: Nodding Heads has mentioned upcoming Monday to Friday, which can’t/shouldn’t be the 16th. The announcement post came on March 16, 2:08 am IST. Hence, it must be March 23-27. If we’re wrong by any chance, we’ll notify you through our push-notifications or on our social media accounts.

“However, this demo will only be available to you while the Steam Game Festival is going on, once the event ends, the demo will disappear as well – so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity”, Nodding Heads adds.

Steam’s official Game Festival website hasn’t been updated yet as it still mentions The Game Awards along with the dates, December 12 and 13.

No other developer has posted information on their demos so far. I tried to find details regarding the festival on a couple of different websites as well. No other source, however, has mentioned about the festival’s 2020 edition yet.

The world is surely in a terrible state. I think it’d be a wise choice for developers and storefronts alike to avail such experiences to their users.

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