Steam Games on Sale this September 2022, Cheapest games to buy

Steam Games on Sale September 2022

Hey gamers, are you looking for new games to play on your PC? Then you are on the right path. This September, several games are on sale on Steam‘s website. The prices of the games go low up to 90% off. Which makes these games so cheap to buy and saves you a lot of money.

Even if these games are currently at cheap prices, some may think that the quality nor the reviews are not good. However, it does not necessarily need to be like that before a game goes on sale. As most of these games are on sale Steam has overall positive reviews from different players who tried it.

So let us know the cheapest games on sale and their prices. These games on sale can only get through the Steam website. Read more to find out!

The cheapest Steam games on sale this September 2022 

Titanfall 2

  • This game can be single-player or multiplayer. The single-player game is going to let you experience an action-packed story as a Militia rifleman. As there are a lot of gunfights against robots in this game. While the multiplayer game can go on multiplayer combat along with your friends.
  • Titanfall 2 came out in 2016 and also won the Game Critic Awards for Best Online Multiplayer in the same year. Tthis game has an overall review of Very Positive. This game is 84% off and players can get it for only $4.29.

Planet Coaster

  • Turn your dreams into virtual reality in this game. Players can create and manage their theme parks. It is all in your hands in making your theme park the best one for your guests in the game. Squeeze in your creativity in designing roller coaster rides and all.
  • This game got shortlisted in the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards and has an overall review of Very Positive. Planet Coaster is 75% off and players can get it only for $8.86.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • May the force be with you in playing this game. As the players are going to experience a Jedi Padawan who must rebuild the Jedi Order. The story of this game follows the events from Revenge of the Sith. So the fans of Star Wars could recognize most of its features.
  • This game was also a winner in the 23rd Dice Awards for the Adventure Game of the Year. In addition, this game has an overall review of Very Positive. Players can now get this game 80% off for only $6.42.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • Experience what it’s like to drive a massive truck. Players are going to travel to different countries in Europe while driving a truck and delivering important cargo. Players can manage their own companies to hire drivers and even buy garages for the trucks.
  • This game is also a recipient of the 2016 Steam Awards and the 2012 PC Gamer Awards. With almost 10 years since it was released, the game has an overall review of Overwhelmingly Positive. Players can only get it now for $3.08 with 75% off already.


  • This 2D thrilling game is about a lost boy trying to survive inside a dark project. As he has no one to lean into while he tries to get caught. This game is rated 18 due to violence.
  • Inside is a recipient of several accolades such as BAFTA Winner Games, The Game Awards 2016, Game Developers Choice Awards, and more. Get your hands on this award-winning game with a whopping 90% off for only $0.89.

That concludes our list of the cheapest games on Steam this September 2022. Go buy these games while the sale lasts. We hope this list helped you in choosing the game for your PC!

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