“Steam will be there to help you experience the latest VR content on whatever device you choose”

If you’re one-step ahead in terms of technology, Steam is always there to help you. Steam has finally added compatibility badges on games that will work with Razer’s OSVR Headset. You can pick out titles that are compatible with OSVR by its own badge. Here’s how it looks –

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For now, almost 250 games are compatible with the new technology. “This is the first new HMD we have added since this past spring when both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive launched on Steam and this won’t be the last new headset supported. As the industry keeps growing, changing, and experimenting, Steam will be there to help you experience the latest VR content on whatever device you choose.” – Steam’s official announcement.

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  1. I love Valve’s philosophy in regards to VR, I hope it pays off. We don’t want closed authoritarian systems like psvr and the Oculus store dominating this fledgling industry and snuffing out it’s creativity and innovation before it’s even had a chance to grow up, we already have that in so much of the rest of the gaming industry that has many of us so jaded.

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