Steam: Only Up! Why is it Trending on Twitter?

Once in a while, an unknown video game comes around and takes the gaming world by storm. Some examples include Happy Wheels, Getting Over It, and Among Us. Along with these, Only Up is the most recent addition to this list. It is blowing up all over social media, including Twitter, and it is the latest go-to choice for prominent streamers. Let us take a closer look at the game.

What is Only Up, and why is it trending?

The Gameplay

Only Up is created by the indie development company SCKR Games. If you are familiar with the popular game Getting Over It, you can also get an idea about this game. Both games have the same objective, only differing in the gameplay mechanics. The recent title lets you take control of your character in a completely 3D environment, unlike the older game, which was locked in a 2D side-scrolling perspective.

  • You start in the third person perspective as Jacky in a Brazilian Favela.
  • You take an elevator up to a point and climb upwards on foot with the help of various objects like pipes, railway tracks, buildings, wooden structures, trampolines, etc.
  • You will encounter different constructs and atmospheres as you progress through the various altitudes.
  • The game will test your parkour skills to the fullest, and you will need to be both calculative and decisive to overcome the hurdles the developers have placed for you. To advance, you should also practice patience and caution.

  • Only Up has no save points. Thus if you fall to a lower level, you need to start again from that point onwards.
  • The game’s visual appeal is pretty outstanding, which will improve the overall gameplay experience.

Why is Only Up getting so much attention?

Only Up is gathering all the attention and hype for the same reasons why Getting Over It got popular about six years back. It derives direct inspiration from the aforementioned game and delivers the same core qualities in a new and improved package.

  • Firstly, it provides content for a variety of streamers. Viewers love to see their favorite content creators go through an extreme spectrum of emotions while playing a game like this. The game has found its place among popular figures like Adin Ross, IShowSpeed, xQc, Pokimane, and DrDisRespect.

  • It is the perfect game for speedrunners to show off their incredible skills and complete the game quickly.
  • Due to its extreme difficulty scale, it also draws in a small yet dedicated audience of players. There aren’t many games available that restrict themselves to high difficulty levels.
  • As difficult as the game is, the gameplay mechanics are fairly straightforward. So, it can be tried by audiences from any background, even those who are not much familiar with video games. They can always decide to leave after a while if they find it too hard.
  • Only Up presents a genuine challenge, leaving the player feeling incredibly fulfilled after completing the game.

Only Up is available on Steam for a price of just $10. Would you be playing it, or are you put off by the difficulty level of games like these? Let us know in the comments.

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