Steam Remote Play is Steam’s new feature which allows players to invite players over for a game of local multiplayer over the Internet. This is a big announcement indeed, as it means the revival of local multiplayer or split-screen multiplayer games. Splitscreen games had died off quite a few years back due to a lack of support – it seems that the genre might be poised for a revival.

Remote Play will allow players with controllers to play just like normal split-screen games – just like multiple players playing together side by side. The feature in its beta will support games with up to 4 players each. The feature also allows players to stream video, audio, input, and voice between players, while hiding the desktop and other background programs. It also allows players to share control of the keyboard and mouse as and when they need it. The biggest advantage of all is the cross-platform support enjoyed PC , Mac, and Linux.

Remote Play is currently in beta and will support a limited number of titles at launch. With time, more network stability and compatibility fixes will be rolled out, and more games will be added to the list of supported games.

For checking out a list of titles that are supported, check here.


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