Steam Winter Sale Date, Time, Offers and End

In a recent update to Steam’s rules and guidelines, games built on blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency trading are now removed. Publishers are stating that some of their games are now unavailable on the Steam platform. This is because they have used NFTs or have built their games on the blockchain.

The new rules under “What you shouldn’t publish on Steam” states that “applications built on blockchain technology that issue or allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs” will not be allowed to be distributed on the platform.

Age of Rust, which is a game where players collect NFTs in the game, has stated on its Twitter page that “Steam will be kicking all blockchain games off the platform, including Age Of Rust”.

It seems that Steam has made a few changes to strengthen this rule. For instance, Mir4, even with its “boring gameplay”, allows players to actually earn cryptocurrency in-game.

Valve Corp. has not made any official statements regarding this move, except the change in rules and guidelines itself. The move can be in connection with the gambling laws in Washington state (Valve’s headquarters). Recent court rulings in regard to the BigFish Casino game have held that virtual currency is an item of value; that such instances are illegal gambling operations.

As this move is very recent, we will have to wait and see what changes will happen for games that use NFT and cryptocurrencies.

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