Steam Winter Sale Date, Time, Offers and End

Valve is a massive corporation in the world of gaming, and Valve’s Steam is one of the most popular digital game distribution websites. Almost every PC gamer must have at least made one purchase from Steam in their life. Not only does Steam boast a great collection and community, but it also keeps coming up with incredible sales on various accounts. So, when is the next sake and what is it for?

Steam Winter Sale

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In October we saw Steam’s Halloween Sale which offered great discounts on horror and monster-based games. In November we saw the Steam Autumn Sale which offered heavy discounts on many titles including Tekken 7 which was reduced to $2. Next up is Steam Winter Sale or as some call it the Christmas/New Year Sale.

This is one of the Steam’s biggest Sale of the year which last over 10 days and offers huge discounts, combos, and offers on almost all games. Steam Winter Sale is a Christmas gift from Valve which all gamers look forward towards. But most of you know that and that is why you are here. So, lets move to the important stuff.

When Does It Begin?

Steam Winter Sale begins December 22, 2021, which is now just a day away. It releases the same day The Matrix Resurrections releases, so it seems like there is something special about this date this year.

The sale will last till January 5, 2022, which is a total of 15 days of sale. 15 days! These 15 days will be filled with great offers on almost all your favorite games. So, gear up as it is time to work on your bucket list now.


As usual there will be a lot of offers for specific periods of time. The same offer will not last for all 15 days, so it is best to grab the best offers as early as possible. The discounts will vary from anything between a meagre 10% to a humongous 80% or more depending on the games. Last year games like Middle Earth and Witcher 3 received a discount of over 70%, while games like Red Dead Redemption, Among US and Fall Guys received upto 33% discounts. GTA 5 received a 50% discount, and so did FIFA 21.

So, obviously we can expect similar discounts and even lesser prices as all these games are now older. Some new anticipated games like Elden Rings, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War PC might also receive some discounts. So, watch out for the Steam Winter Sale which begins tomorrow!

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