Steph and LeBron Reacts to Filipino Kid ‘night night’ Pose After Making a Shot

A video of a Filipino kid doing the ‘night night’ pose after making a shot has become viral on social media. It eventually led the maker of the ‘night night’ pose, Steph Curry himself reacted to the video. Not long after Steph’s reaction, another NBA superstar LeBron James commented too.

The video was originally posted on TikTok by bossssjel last week. However, Steph noticed the one where he was tagged on Twitter posted by TheWarriorsTalk. He quote-retweeted it with a short but funny statement.

Steph’s tweet reaction now has 17.4k retweets, 224.1k likes and the video has 4.3 million views already. Later on, LeBron replied to his tweet saying “You see what you started!!”

Aside from Steph and LeBron, other NBA player has also reacted to the video. Steph’s Warrior teammate, Andre Iguodala replied to the video of the kid.

Who is the kid in the video?

People may wonder who is the kid who did the ‘night night’ pose in the video. Gretchen Ho, a Filipino News Anchor, and T.V Host posted on Twitter about the kid. In her post, the kid is a 10-year-old Third Aggabao from Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

The kid is already dubbed as the “Little Stephen Curry from the Philippines” because of his basketball skills. At a young age, he already possesses a promising talent in the sport.

Get to know more about Third through the story made by Gretchen Ho below.

Even Steph finally knew Third is, he liked the post of Gretchen. We hope to see more of Third playing basketball. He has a bright future ahead of him!

The ‘night night’ trend pose goes on

Steph started doing this during their playoffs campaign this year as a form of celebration during the game. He then continued it until they won the championship finals. Little did he know, that the pose he made is going to be a trend and become iconic.

There is no doubt about the impact he did on all the fans and players all over the world. As they also do it as their form of celebration in the game.

Athletes Sabrina Ionescu, Andrew McCutchen, Birmingham Stallions, and more also did the ‘night night’ pose during their respective games.

Lastly, even a K-Pop idol did it too. Chenle from NCT who is also known to be a fan of Steph did the pose during their Instagram live.

Job well-done to Steph, look how far you’ve done with your ‘night night’ pose. Many people became inspired especially Third, the kid from the Philippines.

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