Strange Brigade Launch Trailer Showcases Weapons, Mummies And Impassable Obstacles

Strange Brigade

Just a few days before Strange Brigade’s release, Rebellion has dropped a launch trailer that showcases an extravagant environment, a variety of mummies, game’s physics, abilities and much more.

The trailer focuses on the overall gameplay mechanics, features and what to expect. Of four presented characters, one is capable of collecting the souls of the undead to throw fire blasts right after. Unlike previous trailers, many different types of mummies were shown that adds variety to the game.

There’s running, jumping, chase-scenes, and combat accompanied by impassable puzzles and obstacles. Strange Brigade, from speculation, will offer boss-fights, including one with a Phantom Pharoah. And maybe a giant scorpion? It’d be fun.

New weapons were mentioned including guns, flamethrowers, crossbows, grenade launchers and canons. The game seems to offer an extensive map with underground locations and puzzles as well. Last but not the least, the trailer mentions a brutal behemoth, that feels like the Giant Serpent from God of War. Maybe it is making cameos now.

You can pre-order Strange Brigade by clicking here.

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