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Only days after the release of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, fans are still running up that hill as they try to recover from the epic season finale. 


There is no doubt that Stranger Things 4 is their biggest, darkest, and probably the best season up to date. The plot twist, revelation, and all the connections from the previous seasons have made our minds blow. Making everything make sense even more than it is.

Now that Stranger Things 4 is over, fans are wondering some questions about the finale. We got you covered that could help answer and explain some about its ending.

Is Vecna finally dead?
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Eleven has stopped Vecna midway in killing Max. As she is about to kill him for good, Vecna’s mind lair has vanished due to Steve throwing fire at his physical body in the Upside Down. Coming back to his consciousness in reality while burning on fire, Robin threw a fire again at him.

While Vecna is vulnerable because of the fire, Nancy took charge of shooting him with a shotgun until he fell outside the house. But when they came after him outside, Vecna’s body disappeared. However, that doesn’t make him dead already.

There’s still a high possibility of him being alive and might have just taken off since he’s severely injured. Vecna wouldn’t just die yet without a fight, he’s going to come back.

Is Max still going to wake up?
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After being summoned by Vecna. Putting her up in the air breaking her bones and almost taking her eyes out, she survived for a bit. She came back into her body but she couldn’t see or feel anything. Crying out with the fear of dying while Lucas holds her.

Max eventually died because of her injuries. But Eleven refused to let go of Max as she tried to revive her. Then 2 days passed, and Max was seen in the hospital while in a coma. Eleven tried to search her in the mind lair and she couldn’t find her there.

It’s believed that Max may have lost her way back to her physical body and Vecna has finally consumed her taking everything. Since she actually died for a while making the fourth and final gate be opened. So it’s still uncertain when Max is going to regain her consciousness.

Why does Will still feels the Mind Flayer/Vecna?


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In the last episode, Will is back again in Hawkins. But not long since he came, he felt something familiar again and he revealed it to Mike. He said that he can still feel him and is alive but hurt somewhere. This also answers the question of Vecna being alive.

He then felt it in the back of his neck and a strange phenomenon happened, it was snowing in Hawkins. Will, Eleven, and the rest of them saw a smoking hell-like view across the hill caused by the gate Vecna opened.

Ever since Will was possessed by the Mind Flyer back in season 2, he never really got peace after that. His feeling becomes stronger when he’s in Hawkins or when he’s near Vecna. It hasn’t further explained why but he could still be connected with Vecna.

Is Eleven still wanted by the military and is Doctor Owen still alive?
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Even if Eleven has escaped Lt. Colonel Jack Sullivan and his military, there’s still a chance that they won’t stop until they get her. Lt. Colonol Sullivan would still want her dead because he still believes that she’s the culprit of the killings in Hawkins. Especially when she also killed his men.

In addition, Dr. Owens could still be alive since he was left handcuffed in the room. He could either be taken by his people and saved or he was taken by the military because of what happened outside. As long as it’s not confirmed in the show, he could be alive after all.

Is Hawkins now a big gate between the real world and the Upside Down?
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Max’s death has completed the plan of Vecna taking over Hawkins which then occurred the “earthquake” across the town. It may seem just a massive earthquake to most residents of the town but they’re wrong. Hawkins and the Upside Down now have an access to both worlds making a gate together.

So yes, Hawkins has become a gate. The fate of this town and the rest of Vecna’s plan is yet to unfold in the final season soon. It’s going to be the beginning of the end.

All we need to do now is wait

We all have to wait at least 2 to 3 years again for Stranger Things 5 to get more answers from this finale. For sure the wait is going to be worth it as the Duffer Brothers, directors and the whole team of the show never cease to amaze its viewers from the beginning.

While we’re all on Stranger Things high, it’s best to check out all the stuff behind the scenes in the official social media accounts of Stranger Things and its cast. They’re sharing heartfelt things and trivia from the show.

Until then, let’s continue running up that hill with Kate Bush.

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