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Stray has been taking the gaming community like a storm as players who finished it is asking, will we be getting a Stray 2 release date soon? Will it be next year? Read on to find out more about a possible Stray 2 release date in the future.

DISCLAIMERThe article will include spoilers for the ending of Stray, so read at your own risk!

Stray had an open-ending, so will we be getting a Stray 2?

After the successful release of Stray this month, it received nothing but praise for its unique gameplay. Furthermore, players are praising its storyline and how it’s a breath of fresh air among the new releases this year.

Screengrab Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

Back in 2020 when Stray was first announced, players have already been looking forward to getting their hands on it. Who wouldn’t be excited for Stray? You get to play as a cat in a cyberpunk world!

And you either try and escape hostile robots or end up befriending them.. the sky’s the limit for Stray. So it’s no wonder that the gaming community is hyping this game up as much as they’re doing right now.

Stray Game Location
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Annapurna Interactive via YouTube

If you’re one of the players who are hooked on Stray and you’ve already finished the game, you may be wondering if there’s a sequel coming out soon. With the ending we got from Stray, the possibility of getting a Stray 2 and a release date is high.

Add in the fact that both seasoned and new gamers are loving the new cat game, there’s no reason for BlueTwelve Studio to pass up on this opportunity. Besides, the game had an open ending. And it’s likely the devs are keeping their doors open for a possible sequel.

The sequel to Stray may possibly touch on the cat finally reuniting with his family

  • Throughout your journey as the cat in the game, you have one goal in mind: get back to your family. To do that, you must first make your way out of the city.
  • After successfully making his way around the post-apocalyptic world, the cat finally reaches the wilderness.

Stray Gameplay

  • However, that’s where the game ends. Players have no idea whether the cat actually ends up finding his family which sets up the perfect start to a Stray sequel.
  • Another possible plot point for the sequel is what happens to the cyberpunk city you’ve just escaped from.
Stray - Steam
Image Courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio

What We Want to Know in Stray 2

  • Furthermore, we want to know if B-12’s sacrifice was in vain.
  • What happens to the city you left behind?
  • Will Stray 2 begin in the wilderness?
  • Or will it have players going back to the city to try and set things right?

Surely, there must be a reason why humanity has been wiped out in the game. And maybe a sequel can answer all these questions we have.

Nonetheless, we will only know if a Stray 2 is coming once BlueTwelve Studio confirms the news themselves. For now, we can only wait. And if you’re a PC player, you may want to check out these game mods that give new looks to the main cat in the game.

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SOURCE: Annapurna Interactive