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Struggling to find all of the B-12 location memories in Stray? Don’t worry because we got you covered. This is your one-stop guide to finding all of the location memories in the game.

In almost all of the chapters in Stray, there are a lot of memories to look out for and collect. Therefore, it has a total of 27 different memories and all of them are connected.

The memories in the game are automatically acquired along the way. So read more to know all of it.

The location memories list
Memory 1

The first memory is located in The Flat in front of the beach mural.

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Memory 2 to 8

Memory 2 to 8 are located in different parts of The Slums. These memories are also in the Guardian, the Marketplace, the Bar, Momo’s apartment, the alley with a robot mural and an R.I.P Humans graffiti, and a room with a plant.

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Memory 9 to 11

The next are memories 9 to 11 located on the Rooftops. Each of the memory is in the big Neon sign, a Neco Corporation sign, and a big Transceiver machine.

Memory 12 to 14

Memory 12 to 14 are in the Dead End. Besides, it can be located in a closed steel door, a robot laying down in the fence, and a room with a mannequin that has a bucket in the head.

Memory 15 and 16

Both of the memories are located in The Sewers. Then you can find it next in the sewer system and a pipe room with a lot of creepy eyes.

Memory 17 and 18

These memories are in the Antvillage. At the beginning of the chapter, you automatically get a memory. However, the other memory is located on the lowest level which has a pink lamp and sofa.

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Memory 19 to 25

These memories are in Midtown and you also get a memory automatically in the beginning. The rest are in a library area, inside an establishment with a blue neon sign, a barbershop that has a hologram on the floor, on the counter of a coffee shop, a poster in a security station, and a table inside a nightclub.

Memory 26

This memory is in the Jail where you can find it next to a dumpster with a robot laying in front of it.

Memory 27

This last memory is in the Control Room where you get an automatic memory too.  Moreover, that’s all the memories you need to find in Stray. Happy collecting to everyone!

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