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Still, hung up in tears or got any questions about the ending of Stray? This cat game is certainly become an internet sensation and is loved by many people. But sadly, the tandem of the stray cat and the robot drone B-12 is over.

Moreover, let us get first into the ending of Stray where everyone got emotional.


The ending chapter of Stray

In the ending chapter of the game where cat and B-12 are inside a control room. The control room is responsible for everything in the city. B-12 then remembered the plague which became dangerous to humans.

They have to open the system that has been left for a long time to get outside. B-12’s body got very hurt in trying to get into the heavy system.

Due to an unexpected circumstance, B-12 had to sacrifice itself to get into the security system and open the gate to the outside world. The two couldn’t go together as B-12 died later on where the cat lay down beside it. This scene alone got everyone in tears.

Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube

Moments later, the roof above opened and shed sunlight on the city. As the sunlight spreads the city, every drone died in the sunlight. The robots came out and saw the sunlight entering the city.

In the final sequence, the cat woke up and finally reached outside. There were plants and birds along the stairs outside. The cat stopped and breathe the fresh air of freedom in the outside world.

Screengrab Courtesy of BabyZone via YouTube
What’s next for Stray?

First of all, it looks like B-12 is certainly dead. No signs appeared if it could still be alive. However, there were signs of life outside. Even if we did not see any humans nor the family cat in the final chapter Stray.

As the cat goes out, there were plants, birds, and butterflies as signs of life. Moreover, there could be a possibility of humanity still exists after the plague. That is the mystery that should be concluded in the next adventure of the cat.

Stray deserves to have a game sequel

Stray deserves a sequel that focuses on the outside world. Cat also deserves to see its family or with his kind. It would be fun to see it be accompanied next time by another stray animal.

The possibilities are endless. So we do hope to see the cat again on its next adventure!

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