Stray Kids Members caught in a Minor Car Accident; What happened?

Stray Kids caught in minor car accident

Three members of the K-pop octet recently met in a minor car accident on their way to dorms on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. As per the announcement of their managing label, JYP Entertainment, none of the members are seriously injured. Read ahead to find out the details about the Stray Kids’ car accident and the changes in their recent schedules.

Stray Kids members suffer a minor car accident

As per the official statement of JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids‘ three members, Lee Know, Seugmin, and Hyunjin, suffered minor injuries after a car incident. All of them received emergency care and checkups for their injuries.

  • The members will postpone or cancel some of their upcoming activities in light of this accident. Firstly, the K-pop boy group will not perform at the Global Citizen Festival in New York on Saturday, September 23, 2023.
  • Instead, the group’s subunit 3RACHA consists of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, with the alias CB97, SpearB, and J. One, respectively, will perform. They will join the final lineup, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lauryn Hill, BTS’ Jung Kook, Anitta, Conan Gray, D-Nice, and Sofia Carson.
  • Megan Thee Stallion was originally going to join the program but stepped back from the show due to ‘unforeseen scheduling conflicts, as per the reporting of Variety.

How did the accident happen?

As per the fourth-generation K-pop boy group’s managing agency, Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin were on their way to dorms after a busy schedule. When their car, including their manager, ended up in a minor collision.

  • They immediately consulted medical professionals and received a full body check. Thankfully, none of the members or managers suffered any serious injury. However, they have sustained muscle pain and bruises from the collision trauma.
  • The involved are advised to receive care and rest for the time being. The agency concluded this statement with an apology to the group’s fans for causing them to worry about this sudden news.
  • JYPE also emphasized their company’s principle of prioritizing artists’ health and promised to support the three Stray Kids members’ recovery.

STAYs react to Stray Kids’ car accident

The fans of Stray Kids expressed their concerns for the three members, Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin, after their minor car accident. They shared well wishes for their speedy and complete recovery.

  • Additionally, they requested people visiting the Global Citizen Festival to cheer up the group’s subunit 3RACHA a little bit more in light of the sudden adversity. Read some of their reactions below.

  • The recent accident is a minor speed breaker in the path of Stray Kids, who scored their third No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with 5-Star in June 2023, following Maxident and Oddinary, from last year.
  • The group is also working on their next album and is allegedly preparing to join the comeback line-up for November 2023. However, it will take some time to confirm if the reports are true, but it is likely that they are preparing something.

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