Stray Kids Met Gala 2024 Debut: List of Rude Photographers Identified by Fans

Stray Kids Met Gala Debut: Allegedly Welcomed by Rude Photographers

Fans of Stray Kids were left with a bittersweet feeling as the band made history by being the first K-Pop group to walk the Met Gala carpet. Sadly, it was ruined by the press’s allegedly impolite behavior toward the band when they were taking photos of the group.

What Happened?

Photographers appeared frustrated with capturing group shots of Stray Kids due to their large number of members. When asked to reposition the whole group for better photographs, the band members allegedly cooperated very little and stuck to their original position.

In circulating videos, audible expressions of frustration and mockery can be heard from photographers as they attempt to communicate with the group. One photographer urged the members to get closer together, while another remarked on their perceived lack of emotion.

When Stray Kids decided to switch places and take off their coats, things got out of hand. Photographers started complaining that they had to take new shots of the group. Photographers allegedly said things like, “Now let’s do it with feelings,” and others even tried to speak with the group through the use of Korean terms like “annyeonghaseyo” and “Kamsahamnida.”


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Fans: Photographers Allegedly Rude to Stray Kids

Lilly.G, a user on TikTok, said that several Getty and Independent photographers had treated Stray Kids rudely at the event. It is still uncertain whether the details of these photographers’ involvement have been confirmed. However, the following is a list of the allegedly impolite photographers according to fans:

  • Sean Zanni
  • Dimitrios Kambouris
  • John Shearer
  • Gilbert Flores
  • An unnamed female media representative who said, ‘It is what it is.’
Stray Kids Met Gala Debut: Allegedly Welcomed by Rude Photographers
Screengrab Courtesy of Lilly.G via TikTok

Racism Allegations and Fan Outrage

TikTok creator Kaeli hinted that the offensive remarks directed at Stray Kids might have been about their race, even though she didn’t use the word ‘racism.’ She questioned whether similar comments would have been made just to celebrities who only speak Korean.


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Fans, known as STAY, expressed outrage over the treatment of Stray Kids, stressing the difference in how the band was treated compared to other celebrities.

Stray Kids Met Gala Debut: Allegedly Welcomed by Rude Photographers
Image Courtesy of X

Met Gala Debut and Reactions

Stray Kids made a historic debut at the Met Gala, wearing custom outfits from Tommy Hilfiger’s spring collection. Their Met Gala debut thrilled fans and other celebrities, such as Jennie Kim of Blackpink, who was in attendance.


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Jennie attended the Met Gala for the second time, and she looked amazing in a custom Alaïa gown. The occasion was made more exciting by the appearance of several well-known Korean celebrities, including Greta Lee and Steven Yeun.

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