The viral cat simulation video game ‘Stray’ has been turning a lot of heads recently. As a result, Annapurna Interactive’s latest title is already making a case as “the game of the year” even though it was just released last week, July 19, 2022.

Millions have already taken part in this feline adventure sensation with some players even posting videos of their pets (cats or dogs) reacting to them playing as a stray cat on the screen. Now, it is high time that modders finally rediscover and modify the game by putting a new protagonist on the scene – a puppy. Dog lovers will be delighted to hear that NexusMods answered their prayers with a new mod that did just what they wanted: play as a puppy instead of a cat.

Stray Mod: Play as a French Bulldog

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There’s a new mod that allows players to roam the streets in ‘Stray’ as a puppy instead of the traditional orange tabby cat. offered something that lets you play the game as a cute black and white piebald French bulldog puppy that has the same size as the original feline avatar. The mod titled the “Happy Puppy” mod was created by an avid gamer and streamer Chris Rubino or CRubino (in his YouTube channel).

According to the creator (Chris), the mod is still in the early stages of development. To add, there are “still so many things” that they want to add to the existing mod. This includes the usual instincts, behavior, and mannerisms of an actual dog such as barking, wagging its tail, and sticking its tongue out plus the addition of new skins aside from the current black and white skin color of the puppy. Although it is still raw, it already looks very fantastic and realistic. To incorporate the mod into the game, just click here.

Unfortunately, this mod only gets the job done for PC gamers. Stray players who are enjoying the game via PlayStation will not be able to step into the shoes of a puppy ye t.

Stray is now available for PC and PlayStation gamers. It currently has 12 chapters and a lot of adventures to look forward to.

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