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There’s no doubt Stray is one of the most anticipated game releases this year. Recently, it was announced that Stray is raising funds for real-life stray cats through a giveaway. Read on to find out more about this awesome feat from the team behind Stray.

Stray devs want to raise funds for stray cats by hosting a giveaway of the game

Annapurna Interactive is the publisher of Stray, the most wishlisted game on Steam at the moment. The team behind Stray reached out to cat charities all over the world to help raise funds in taking care of actual stray cats.

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Image Courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio

More specifically, Annapurna Interactive teamed up with the largest cat charity in the United Kingdom. Cats Protection is an organization based in the UK and they are known for being the largest cat welfare charity in the country. From the organization’s name alone, they are dedicated to making sure stray cats are safe despite not having a “fur-ever” home.

But aside from Cats Protection, Annapurna Interactive also tapped the Nebraska Humane Society for this giveaway. If you want to get your hands on Stray while helping out real-life strays, check out the giveaway.

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Ten lucky players will get codes to redeem their own copies of Stray

In the giveaway hosted by Stray’s creators, ten persons can stand a chance to win their own copy of Stray.

If you donate at least $5 to the Nebraska Humane Society, you earn yourself an entry into their giveaway. For the Nebraska Humane Society giveaway, there are four codes up for grabs. Additionally, the winners are going to be announced the moment Stray launches across all the platforms it is available on.

As for Cats Protection, this organization has six codes to give away to generous players. However, the six codes are divided between PC and PlayStation players. This means that three codes can be won for players on the PC while the other three are for those on the PlayStation.

To be eligible for the Cats Protection giveaway, you must be 18 or over and a resident of the United Kingdom. The giveaway for this organization is still on-going so we suggest you make those donations as soon as you can.

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What is the game all about?

If you’re looking to play as a cat detective in a cyberpunk world, then Stray is definitely the game for you. As we mentioned, it is the most wishlisted game on Steam at the moment. We can’t blame the players; who wouldn’t want to play as a feline detective, right?

In Stray, you play as a cat who goes on a journey to be together with his family again. But the journey won’t be easy as you’ll have to deal with robots. Although some of them will assist you on your journey, some won’t be as nice. So it’s up to you to navigate your way around the world and reunite with your family.

Image Courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio

It is currently available on the PC via Steam, Playstation 4, and PlayStation 5. If you weren’t lucky enough to win your own copy of Stray, you can always pre-order it on the mentioned platforms.

But if you have an existing PlayStation Plus subscription, the game is included in the game pass for this month.

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