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Okay, a lot of fans are asking if there are even humans living outside the enclosure of the game Stray. Thanks to its endearing protagonist and gameplay, Stray has rapidly established itself as one of the greatest games of the year and a contender for GOTY.

Despite how much both players and their furry pals adore the game, it does come to an end. By the time you finish, it could be unclear what the Stray ending actually signifies. This is because the game has an unexpectedly large number of riddles. Listed below is our explanation of what occurs and would possibly be happening in Stray 2.

SPOILER ALERT!!! To those who haven’t finished the game, I suggest you do not read this article just yet. Spoiler alert!!!

Let There Be Light…

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In the conclusion of Stray, the cat does manage to escape the city. This is with the assistance of everyone you come across, particularly the tragic death of B-12. The city is also left in a good situation than when you started the game, which is more than just that. You somehow let the outside world in and, for the first time in hundreds of years, allow light into the city. The city is once again a secure place to live after the light decimates the Zurks.

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In the Slums, we witness Momo and the Guardian admiring the light, and we also see Clementine in Midtown appreciating it. Even if the future for them is unknown, it is safe to say that it’ll be better for sure. (Unless some weird plot twist takes place in Stray 2.)

The Cat Fails to Reunite With Its Group

You eventually reach the outside world after battling your way through the Slums and Midtown and making your way out of the city. The cat’s motivation for the entire voyage is to get back to his pals, as was established at the start of the game. At the conclusion of Stray, our furry adventurer returns to the untamed world and casts a final glance at the metropolis it traveled through. The cat then walks forward into the unknown.

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In the closing stages of the game, the story of stray fails to reunite the cat with his group. This sets our protagonist on yet another adventure. The door is left open for a sequel even though Stray feels like such a tightly wrapped and comprehensive tale of this city and its people as seen through a cat’s eyes.

If its comrades are already outside the city, it is possible that the cats have access to the outside world.

Your Friendly Ally B-12

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  • It is then later discovered that B-12 is actually the virtual consciousness of a scientist who has been deceased for a very long time.
    • B-12 wonders if they still qualify as human beings while carrying the final remnants of their ancestors. B-12 feels as though he is the last person left on earth at this point, and he is more eager than ever to aid the cat in reopening the city.
    • He must, however, activate multiple systems in order to get around the lockdown in order to accomplish so.
    • B-12 suffers electrical issues while interacting with computers causing damage to his drone’s circuits. He initially ignores the damage as a short-term issue that can be addressed.
    • B-12 admits that he was aware that he would have to give his life in order to unlock the walled city before entering when he is finally ready to open the gates.

Bittersweet Ending

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Sadly, B-12 makes a sacrifice and dies in order to assist the cat in hacking the system to open the city’s walls. Although it’s possible that in Stray, this is the end of humanity as we know it, the fact that the walled city in the game is only one of many built by humans increases the likelihood that there are still people alive and well somewhere in the world.

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B-12 hacked the system as he bids a final goodbye, saying that the Companions and the cat are in charge of the future. The cat weeps for B-12 by curling up next to the drone as he collapses lifeless to the ground. B-12’s sacrifice, though, pays off. When the city opens up, the mutant Zurks and mechanical Sentinels that had earlier pursued the cat are quickly destroyed. On the other hand, this gives the Companions their first glimpse of the sky. The cat finally leaves the City.

Stray: Did Zurks Eat The Humans?

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  • The fate of humanity is one of the main questions in Stray. The robots in the game all claim that humanity is extinct. How exactly this happened is still a mystery.
    • The walled city is a fortified fortress built to stave off a global pandemic. These walls also provide shelter for people while the outbreak is happening. This succeeded, but when garbage began to build up throughout the city, people grew weary of residing with their actual junk.
    • Human scientists in Stray developed microbes that were designed to consume waste from the city to solve this issue. As they developed, these bacteria started devouring everything in their environment, including certain metals and flesh.

On the internet, there have been theories in Stray circulating that because of unmanageable waste and a lack of human resources, Zurk reproduction has dramatically grown to the point that humans can no longer regulate it. The plague thus occurred and well, eventually ate any living creatures in the city. 

Walled City 99

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Walled City 99 is just one of the many locales that exist in the Stray World. We think that in the sequel, a lot of questions will be answered. If this game continues to impress its fans, we are in for a treat. This game definitely has the potential to be one of the greatest games made. It would be fascinating to explore the upcoming cities and learn more about what happened to the human species. This is the most wish-listed game on Steam and it surely didn’t disappoint.

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