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The Singapore-based live streaming platform company, NEXPLAY has announced huge investments in India to expand the sphere of mobile eSports further in Asia by instilling the enthusiasm for playing online games by encouraging people to come forward and partake in the events.

After rebranding Solid Gaming and Team Rida Esports under its own name, NEXPLAY is currently looking for dedicated PUBG Mobile Players to kickstart its official PUBG Mobile eSports team in India. The members must have utmost cohesion, disciplined, must possess the ability to communicate effectively and be good at the game foremost.

Trial sessions will be run to test the teams’ solidarity in the face of difficulty and the overall performance will be judged by representatives from the company. If the group is deemed eligible they will receive a chance to get a full contractual sponsorship from NEXPLAY and will receive funds and support from the company in capital and kind. As the main title sponsor, the company might also rebrand the team with a new name.

For online registration, click here. For more info, contact –

RJ Thakkar

It’s truly an ecosystem where gamers can finally thrive with just a mobile phone. With a push of a button, you can livestream your mobile games straight from your phone without the need for PC/console or any third party software.

“We truly want to build a place for gamers to thrive. As a gamer, this is dream come true. We found that mobile gaming is the most accessible to the majority of gamers whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer”, said NEXPLAY CEO Gabriel Benito.

You can download the NEXPLAY app by clicking right here.

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