Street Fighter 6 Open Beta: New Control Types Explained

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta New Control Types Explained

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of Street Fighter 6. The game’s highly anticipated open beta will soon take place between May 19 and May 21. This article will walk you through the characters that are playable in the open beta, the various Street Fighter 6 control types, and the new drive system concept.

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Characters

During the open Beta, you’ll have the chance to pick from a roster of eight formidable fighters:

Ryu Chun-Li Luke Jamie
Guile Juri Kimberly Ken

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or trying Street Fighter 6 for the first time, you’ll appreciate the distinct skills, techniques, and combinations that each character brings to the table.

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Characters
Courtesy of Capcom (YouTube)

Control Types

Street Fighter 6 offers several control types within the game. Let’s go over the two control types available to the player:

Classic Control

  • This type reflects the traditional six-button layout everyone is used to.
  • There are three groups of punch buttons and three groups of kick buttons, each representing a different level of intensity. Players familiar with previous Street Fighter games will benefit most from this control style.
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Control System
Courtesy of Capcom (YouTube)

Modern Control

  • A brand-new control option was created for players who want to jump right into the fight without having to focus on executing special move combinations.
  • Modern control offers four main buttons—light attacks, medium attacks, heavy attacks, and special move attacks.
  • Special moves can now quickly be made with a simple input of a single direction and the special move button.
  • Super Arts are also accessible by pressing the special move button plus the heavy attack button.

Drive System Mechanics

In Street Fighter 6, a new concept known as the Drive System is introduced. This system feature is what makes Street Fighter 6 so different, exciting, and friendly to players of all skill levels. The Drive System mechanics include:

Overdrive Attacks

  • These are the enhanced versions of a character’s special moves. They consume two stocks of the drive gauge and will replenish themselves over time.
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Overdrive
Capcom (YouTube)

Drive Impact

  • Making its debut in Street Fighter 6, it is a universal attack available to all characters. This attack takes up one stock of Drive gauge and has armor that can blow through attacks.
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Drive Impact
Courtesy of Capcom (YouTube)

Drive Parry

  • One of the main defensive mechanisms offered in Street Fighter 6, Drive Parry enables the Ultimate Defense as it can immediately defend against all attacks, whether high or low.
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Drive Parry
Capcom (YouTube)

Drive Rush

  • Another powerful tool that is available to the entire cast. Drive Rush can be performed in two ways, offering unique offensive opportunities.
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Drive Rush
Courtesy of Capcom (YouTube)

Drive Reversal

  • Enables a counterattack after blocking an initial attack and uses up two stocks of Drive gauge.
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Drive Reversal
Courtesy of Capcom (YouTube)

Burnout State

  • Your character will enter Burnout State if their drive gauge is exhausted. This happens when they overextend themselves by using too much drive gauge, blocking too many attacks, or even taking deadly attacks.
Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Burnout State
Capcom (YouTube)

Join the Capcom Pro Tour

  • Street Fighter 6 is the official game of the Capcom Pro Tour, starting summer 2023.
  • You may enter the Capcom Cup and perhaps take home the $1 million top prize by winning any CPT online competition.

Street Fighter 6 Demo

For a preview of the game, you can now download the Street Fighter 6 demo. Before the Street Fighter 6 open beta begins on May 19th, get a head start and become familiar with the new mechanics, control styles, and character powers.

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