Why is the Street Woman Fighter 2 Viewership Decreasing? Episode 6 Recap

Street Woman Fighter 2 EP 6 Recap and rating

Are the battle of the ace dancers suffering from a viewership decrease? On October 3, Mnet premiered the sixth episode of their ongoing Street Woman Fighter 2. It featured not only their final result of the Mega Crew Mission but also the second elimination battle. Despite the crucial turning of the show and the intense competition among the seven crews (after the elimination of TSUBAKILL), the show couldn’t garner the expected audience. Let’s explore the reason behind this sudden plummet in SWF 2 rating.

Why did Street Woman Fighter 2 viewership rating decrease?

Street Woman Fighter 2 isn’t gaining the expected attention of the viewers. The show’s latest episode 6, featured the Mega Crew Mission of Lady Bounce, Wolf’Lo, and BEBE in the ‘All Gender’ category, the final announcement of the mission’s ranking, and the elimination battle.

This critical point of the competition was supposed to garner a significant rating, especially because episode 6 aired on the last day of the Chuseok holidays. However, the timing seems to have backfired as instead of seeing a hike, the show plummeted to just a 1.9% viewership rating.

There are a few factors that one can debate are responsible for this; let’s discuss some of them. One of the primary reasons is the overlapping of the show with the last day of the Chuseok holidays. Although the holidays are usually an excellent time for garnering ratings as the family members get together, the last day is usually more busy, which can adversely affect the viewership rating of the shows.

Secondly, the recent change in the Mega Crew Mission with the addition of concepts, namely, Outdoor, Structure, and All Gender, didn’t hit the mark for the audience. Many found this addition limiting the scope of the crews and adding unnecessary one-on-one competition.

Lastly, some of the strongest Mega Crew Missions, namely, 1 MILLION, JAM REPUBLIC, and MANNEQUEEN, all aired in episode 5, stealing the excitement from episode 6. It also needs to be noted that all the mission videos are uploaded over one week ahead of their airing for voting; therefore, most viewers have already watched the mission performances more than once. Due to this, the expectations from episode 6 of Street Woman Fighter 2 lowered.

However, the episode was still very much packed with excitement. If you have also missed the latest episode of Street Woman Fighter 2, here is a quick recap.

Street Woman Fighter 2 Episode 6 recap

Episode 6 of Street Woman Fighter 2 opened with the continuation of the Mega Crew Mission. Lady Bounce, WolfLo, and BEBE competed for the extra 100 points in the All Gender category. Their fight judge scores were close enough to raise the tension among the audience. Let’s take a look below:

                                Lady Bounce                                                                                BEBE                                                                                    WolfLo
Nob 368 Bada 360 Halo 346
Vessi 377 Tatter 367 Baby Sleek 375
Biggy 370 Lusher 360 Chocol 367
Total: 1115 Total: 1087 Total: 1088

In addition to the fight judges’ score, Lady Bounce won the All Gender concept, garnering them an additional 100 points. As such, Lady Bounce became the third-highest-scoring crew, along with MANNEQUEEN. The first spot was secured by 1 MILLION, while JAM REPUBLIC took the second.

However, the addition of the public’s vote determined the final ranking of the crews in the Mega Crew Mission:

  1. 1 MILLION
  3. Lady Bounce & MANNEQUEEN
  4. BEBE
  5. DEEP N DAP & WolfLo

As such, DEEP N DAP and WolfLo ended up competing to secure their position in the upcoming competition with the elimination battle. Both the crews gave their 100% and fought seven rounds. Following this, WolfLo won the elimination battle with 4:3 victories. Making DEEP N DAP the second crew eliminated from Street Woman Fighter 2.

In the next episode, the remaining six crews will compete to win the HwaSa Choreography Mission for her song Chili. All the crews’ chorus choreography is available on Mnet’s official platforms for voting, which will last till October 10.

Fans can also help their favorite crew gain additional ‘Bonus Points’ by performing their choreography on TikTok with the crew’s TikTok filter available on Mnet’s official TikTok account. So, take out your dancer shoes and take center stage for your favorite crew.

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