Street Woman Fighter 2: Will Jam Republic and 1MILLION Battle in Elimination Round? Teaser Explained

Street Woman Fighter 2: Will Jam Republic and 1MILLION battle in the elimination round?

Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter 2 latest episode ended with the most unexpected and dramatic event that shocked the fans. Two of the most popular crews of the season, Jam Republic and 1MILLION, appear to have reached the elimination battle ahead of the show’s finale. However, fans are confused and in disbelief with this teaser.

To understand how and if it is possible, let’s explore the scoring of the last mission and the teaser clip of MC Kang Daniel announcing the possible crews of the elimination battle.

Will Jam Republic and 1MILLION Battle in the final elimination round?

After competing in various rounds and proving their efficiencies in freestyle battling, choreography, Mega Crew management, and more, the surviving six crews, namely Jam Republic, MANNEQUEEN, Lady Bounce, BEBE, Wolf’Lo, and 1MILLION, have reached the final challenge of Street Woman Fighter 2.

In this Battle Performance Mission, the crews competed with their opponents in three sections. The battle section judged by PROWDMON’s Monika and two special judges, HolyBang’s Honey J (winner of Street Woman Fighter 1) and PRIME KINGZ Trix (participant of Street Man Fighter), was aired in the latest episode 8.

At the end of the episode, a short teaser of episode 9 was aired where MC Kang Daniel announced that Jam Republic and 1MILLION are candidates for the elimination battle. This clip spread among the fans, who felt confused and shocked.

However, upon closer inspection, one can notice that the sentence translates to “Jam Republic, 1MILLION are all candidates for the elimination battle.” This means they are candidates along with other crews, but it doesn’t mean they are the two crews battling against each other to claim a spot in the final 4.

If we suppose that BEBE is the first finalist of Street Woman Fighter 2, then MANNEQUEEN, Lady Bounce, Wolf’Lo, Jam Republic, and 1MILLION are all candidates for the elimination battle. Out of which only two crews will compete.

To further understand why Jam Republic and 1MILLION are unlikely crews to reach the elimination round, let’s take a closer look at their score sheet for the final mission.

Why are Jam Republic and 1MILLION unlikely to compete in the Street Woman Fighter 2 elimination battle?

The final ranking of crews ahead of the announcement of the top four crews will be calculated by adding the scores of HwaSa‘s Choreography Mission with the scores of the Battle Performance Mission.

  • In HwaSa’s Choreography challenge, the total scores are calculated by adding the points of HwaSa’s choice (out of 100) with additional points of challenge (out of 100) and global votes (out of 400), giving crews a chance to earn a total of 600 points.
  • These scores will be added to the Fight Judges points (out of 30) from Battle Performance Mission, plus live audience points (out of 70) and global votes (out of 500), providing the crews a chance to earn a subtotal of 1200 points.

Out of them, Mnet has revealed all the points apart from the global votes for a final mission, which computes a total of 500 points. The current ranking after the HwaSa Choreography Mission and Battle Performance Mission is as such:

  1. BEBE: 570
  2. 1MILLION: 510
  3. Lady Bounce: 420
  4. Jam Republic: 360
  5. Wolf’Lo: 310
  6. MANNEQUEEN: 280

If we add the global scores from YouTube and MNET Plus voting (a total of 500 points) and deduct the 50 points as per the ranking, then the potential final scores will look something like this:

  1. BEBE: 1070 
  2. 1MILLION: 910
  3. Jam Republic: 810
  4. Lady Bounce: 670
  5. MANNEQUEEN: 630
  6. Wolf’Lo: 610

According to this, Wolf’Lo will have to leave the battleground, and MANNEQUEEN will have to battle in the elimination round with Lady Bounce to secure their seats in the Final 4. This ranking is consistent with the announcement that BEBE is the top crew with the highest votes in the interim performance result.

Even if we consider the global votes as an unexpected variable, 1MILLION, and Jam Republic will surely gain high scores due to their consistent performance throughout all the missions of Street Woman Fighter 2.

As for the tearful section in the teaser- the final elimination round is usually a nerve-wracking experience, and we will be saying farewell to two crews. The next episode of Street Woman Fighter 2 is bound to be high on emotions.

However, the crews that have managed to gain global popularity with their freestyling, choreography, and engaging moves will remain safe and become the finalists of Street Woman Fighter 2. See you next week!

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