Steve is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Steve from Minecraft along with Alex, Enderman, and Zombie as alternatives are headed to Super Smash Bros Ultimate next week as announced by Director Masahiro Sakurai in 45 minutes live stream.

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In a lengthy presentation which you can watch above, we got see to various Steve in actions and the various maneuvers that he will be bringing to Smash Bros Ultimate next week on October 13, 2020.

Steve can build boxes to traverse the platforms in the game. Players can also upgrade his weapon from wood to iron and ultimately diamond, just like in Minecraft. His weapons include a swinging sword that players can use for sweep attacks. He also comes armed with a pickaxe that can be used to mine various resources.

This 5.99$ DLC pack which players can buy separately if they don’t own the Fighter Pass Volume 2, comes with a Minecraft-themed level as seen in the footage above, which Director Sakurai claimed to have presented a big challenge for the development team.




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