SuperGaming Upcoming Battle Royale Game Indus
Image: SuperGaming

India-based game studio, SuperGaming announced their upcoming Battle Royale game Indus back in January. As of now, the game is still in development and is said to be released for Mobiles, Consoles, and PC.

While there is still time for the game to be released, the developers have begun sharing more details about it on social media. They just published a video demonstrating the game’s most powerful weapon. We also got to catch a little glimpse of the gameplay.

SuperGaming has previously developed a number of mobile games. However, Indus is their most ambitious project to date, according to a blog post they published. The developers have yet to announce a release date, but they have stated that a playable version will be available this year.

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Everything We Know About SuperGaming’s Indus So Far

As for the game itself, Indus is free to play multiplayer battle royale. Just like other free-to-play games, this game will also have in-app purchases. At launch, the game is set to feature first-person perspective modes. But the developers have confirmed that they are also planning to add a third-person mode later. 

The developers revealed that the game runs on the Unity Engine. On top of this, there is also a custom-built sandbox shooter tech stack called the Indus Engine. SuperGaming hasn’t released the minimum requirements for the game, yet. But they did clarify that a lot of mainstream Android and iOS devices should be able to run the game.

SuperGaming Upcoming Battle Royale Game Indus
Image: SuperGaming

Considering Indus is a multiplayer battle royale, SuperGaming has also made sure to add an Anti Cheat to the game. They revealed that they will monitor and act on any unusual activity to ensure the game isn’t impacted.

A weapon list has also been provided, with assault rifles, hand cannons, and even snipers appearing in the game. The most powerful gun in the game, Judgement, was recently revealed by SuperGaming. They even released the concept art for Ashvini which is a double-barrel, burst-fire sniper.

Indus Story and Lore

Developer SuperGaming has revealed a bit about the story and lore too. The game will let players take the role of a Mythwalker who is a hired gunman. He is working for an intergalactic syndicate, COVEN, and discovers an advanced world called Indus. The game features one main map called Virlok, the central region of Indus. Players can use portals powered by Cosmium to enter Virlok. 

The developers describe the world of Indus as a “mystery to most space-faring civilizations”. Indus was also home to an intelligent race called the Yaksha. They were responsible for the civilization far ahead of others in the galaxy. 

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