Surviving Mars Adds Creative Mode, Granting Players “More Creative Liberties”

Surviving Mars Creative Mode

Surviving Mars is a game by Haemimont Games where your primary objective is to colonise the beautiful terrestrial planet – Mars. Upon its release on 15th March this year, the game received mixed reviews and bits of both “yays” and “nays” from the gaming community.

Just today, Haemimont is rolling out a new update called “Da Vinci” that brings in Creative Mode to Surviving Mars. The new update will provide an initial budget of $100 trillion, with buildings requiring no maintenance and high-life immortal colonists. Da Vinci is built to reduce stress, and grant players with “more creative liberties”.

Another update will roll out in September, that goes by the name Sagan, tributed to the famous American astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan. The Sagan update will include 30 major challenges, a new difficulty level for hardcore survivalists and a revised gameplay experience.

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