Switch Lite Survey In Japan Evaluated The Interest And The Results Are Interesting

Since the announcement of Switch Lite, there have been many controversies and questions raised online. Who actually wants the new version of Nintendo’s Switch and who is against it. Japan has recently taken a survey on how much interest there is in buying the new Nintendo handheld console. The result turned out to be very interesting.

The survey asked owners and non-owners of Switch whether or not they wanted to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite. There were over 5,000 replies (5,191 to be exact).

Here’s how these results are broken down:

  • “I will not buy a Lite, but I will buy a (normal) Switch” – 342 votes: 9% of respondents. These are non-Switch owners who are not interested in the next Lite but who want to buy a standard Switch.
  • “I will pass on this version of the Lite” – 393 votes: 10.4% of respondents. The inference here is that an announced future Lite iteration, with features like TV Mode, might be of interest.
  • “I already have a Switch, but I will also buy a Lite” – 676 votes: 17.9% of respondents. For those who don’t think that only one type of Switch is sufficient.
  • “I don’t own a Switch, but I’ll buy a Lite” –  1,111 votes: 29.4% of respondents. It seems that for these individuals, the Lite is more attractive than the normal Switch.
  • “I already have a Switch, but I’ll pass on the Lite” –  1,258 votes: 33.3% of respondents. This answer overshadowed the non-Switch owners who wanted to buy a Lite.

In practice, 47.3% of respondents said they will buy a Nintendo Switch Lite. However, most respondents say they won’t.

And what are your intentions? Interested in buying the new Switch Lite? Or do you prefer to let it go?

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