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When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, everything’s fine. The first-party titles, ports, features, etc. Except for Nintendo’s online services. Fans and critics have criticized Nintendo for its poor online services for years now. Even with the Nintendo Switch, online services have been a matter of heated discussions. Nintendo has recently commented about Switch Online and how they want to make the software more enjoyable and convenient.

The quote comes from Nintendo’s latest Annual Financial Briefing Q&A. The original document is in Japanese. Thanks to Robert Sephazon, we have an accurate translation of the material.

“Nintendo will continue to add more features and mechanics to Nintendo Switch Online to make [the] software more enjoyable and convenient,” Nintendo said.

Over 100 million Nintendo accounts have been created so far.

While Xbox and PlayStation are flaunting numbers and figures for their online base, Nintendo wants to remain silent at the moment. According to the Q&A document, currently, Nintendo has no plans to disclose the subscriber-count for Nintendo Switch Online. The company believes the number of subscribers will continue to increase, especially as more games with online modes are released.

Like all industries and companies, Nintendo is facing certain challenges as well. The effects of COVID-19, however, have impacted the company’s business affairs only in a minor way. Some struggles include employees working from home and finishing development during the current situation might be a problem.

As a person who has developed an interest in the platform only in recent years, I was constantly in doubt about purchasing the Switch. As the Q&A suggests, the console is entering the middle of its lifecycle. Nintendo, however, believes the Switch has a lot of momentum right now. The company will put a lot of focus and effort into the software which will be released at the beginning of the fiscal year.

“Nintendo is working under the premise that the impact of COVID-19 will last for a long time,” Robert quotes. “Marketing, as an example, cannot continue as initially planned, and Nintendo is working around these issues. They are trying to be as flexible as possible.”

Currently, we don’t have a solid lineup for the next wave of Nintendo Switch titles. Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the entire world by storm. Nintendo focuses more on getting the general audience into gaming, people who aren’t regular gamers. Animal Crossing: New Horizons appealed to the general audience and it became a worldwide hit, selling over 11.7 million copies in just 11 days from its release.

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