Switch Retail Game Sales Exceeds 5 Million Mark in Japan For The Year So Far

Nintendo Switch stands strong in the Japanese video game market. The outperforming console has accomplished a recent landmark, selling over 5 million retail software copies in Japan for the year 2018.

Japanese players have shown extreme love towards the console and its exclusives, including the recently launched Octopath Traveler, that has significantly added up to its exceptional success.

With more than 600 games available for the Switch in Japan, suppliers have been through difficult times keeping up with the exaggerated demands.

The Nintendo Switch costs ₹26,599 in our country with games costing ₹4,000 and beyond. Breath of The Wild costs ₹4,649, Super Mario Odyssey costs ₹4,569 and Skyrim costs ₹3,935.

Switch gaming in India is costly. But that doesn’t stop die-hard fans from deep-diving into the unique experiences. Make sure you subscribe to our push-notifications and never miss an update on Nintendo Switch. Until next time, Happy Gaming!