Sword Art Online – Progressive; Schedule + Where to watch?

The film adaptation following the Sword Art Online: Progressive novels is Scherzo of Deep Night. A-1 Pictures recently announced that the film has a final schedule following multiple delays caused by COVID-19. The delays prevented people from watching its early release screening in August. It also delayed the main release slated for September. The film has now pushed through appearing in IMAX cinemas and other select theaters throughout Japan since October 22, 2022.

Where to Watch?

Scherzo of a Dark Dusk is only available in Japan at the moment. People in Japan or traveling to the country can view the film in theaters. However, they may need to explore more to see any English subtitle versions of the film available. If not, they may need to wait for the international release.

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As seen in historical releases and the last Progressive film, Western releases tend to follow a few months after the Japan release. The locations for the screening will depend on the film’s popularity in that area. No international theater chain has announced showing the new Sword Art Online Progressive film. We’ll have to see how the situation develops in the coming months. Many fans online are guessing that the likely release outside Japan is the first quarter of 2023.

Scherzo of Deep Night

Scherzo of Deep Night will continue where Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night ended. The film was announced shortly after the release of its predecessor. The same production team is still a part of this second film. Most of the cast members also returned, with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka taking on the role of Kirito once more while Haruka Tomatsu voices Asuna.

The film will adapt the fourth volume of the light novel series. According to the producers, they focused on this arc first as one of the overarching storylines of the others is not yet completed in the novels. The novel Scherzo of Deep Night made its first release on December 2015, with it receiving an English translation a year later.

What is the Progressive Series?

Many people who know the original SAO series may find Progressive confusing. It is because the books tackle the Aincrad Arc from the original series. One of the author’s regrets about making the original was that he did not fill in most of the gaps of the numerous time skips of the arc. He wanted to build more on Kirito and Asuna’s adventures before they reached the 75th floor.

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Contrary to popular belief, Progressive isn’t an alternate dimension. It expands upon the original, building small retcons to make the story more cohesive. The books are in the eighth volume, Rhapsody of Crimson Heat (Part Two), released in Japan last June 2021. It had an English release a year later.

Meanwhile, the main story of SAO continues with Sword Art Online 27 as a part of the Unital Arc. The latest in the main series was released last October 7, 2022.

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