Take-Two Expects PS5 And Scarlett To Have A Positive Impact On Their Finances

The next generation of consoles promises good results

The present generation of consoles had a lot of achievements, and large companies such as Take-Two have managed to place games on the market such as Red Dead Redemption 2 with sweeping success.

However, this does not imply that these same brands ignore the future that is yet to come, and precisely the same Take-Two looks with open eyes to the future landing of PS5 and Scarlett, which will become the new platforms of Sony and Microsoft.

Thus, it has been Strauss Zelnick, CEO of the brand, who after indicating that the current generation has not had a negative impact on them has ensured that they expect PS5 and Scarlett to generate significantly more positive data. Possibly, part of this projection derives from the reality that its market in consoles and PC continues to grow to the point of approaching historical brands for the company.

President Karl Slatoff also indicated that the jump from one generation to the other does not necessarily imply a great change from the very first moment. This is because at the beginning of a generation the developers are not yet squeezing all the potential that it has. He also emphasized on the point that when the next generation has confirmed backward compatibility, they will have to work on ‘something else’ when it comes to bringing old games because logically, a simple port will lose all appeal.

Is Take-Two thinking about recovering past deliveries from GTA, Red Dead Redemption or maybe even the original Bully? The reality is that the company’s plans today are a mystery, and although what can be speculated with certainty is that they will continue to work on the GTA and Red Dead Redemption brands.


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