Take-Two: GTA 6 Possible PC Release, Upcoming Games 2025

Take-Two: GTA 6 Possible PC Release, Upcoming Games 2025

With a fall 2025 release date, GTA 6 will soon be playable on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. A PC version is probably in the works for Q1 2026, judging from Rockstar’s previous releases.

GTA 6: Back to Vice City

For many, the biggest appeal is returning to Vice City, a favorite setting from the 2002 masterpiece. This can feature well-known locations updated for the current era to provide a unique experience infused with nostalgia. Additionally, there are rumors about the dual-protagonist concept, with a confirmation of the first playable female character in the game. Although the story’s specifics are yet unknown, themes of corruption and the underbelly of paradise seem like suitable choices.

A more dynamic, open world and an enhanced fighting system are two of the gaming concepts fans want to be added to the game. Is it possible that GTA 6 will have an updated combat system that stresses MMA-style combat with cool takedowns and moves like awesome head kicks? or extensive weapon upgrade with mods and attachments? What if there were weather effects or other environmental changes affecting gaming in the open world? Supporters are also interested in learning more about the potential online component and how Rockstar plans to expand the popularity of GTA Online.

GTA 6 will surely be an amazing financial accomplishment. Of course, GTA 5 will be compared. Fans’ excitement for the forthcoming installment makes sense, considering that by 2024, 195 million copies will have been sold. Console sales should rise on the day of release as everyone races to own Rockstar’s next masterpiece. We’ll have to wait and see if GTA 6 is a better game than its predecessor.

Take-Two’s Lineup

Take-Two promises an interesting lineup of titles in the upcoming years, with GTA 6 serving as the centerpiece:

  1. Sports:
    • NBA 2K25 (fiscal year 2025)
    • WWE 2K25 (fiscal year 2025)
  2. Narrative Adventures:
    • Judas (Ghost Story Games – TBA) – A psychological horror adventure where players delve into the mind of a troubled protagonist.
    • Tales of the Shire: A Lord of the Rings Game (Private Division – fiscal year 2025)
    • New title from Private Division in partnership with Game Freak (details TBA) – A collaboration between the creators of BioShock and Pokemon.
  3. Mobile Games:
    • Star Wars Hunters (Zynga – June 4, 2024) (Already Released) – PvP game set in the Star Wars universe.
    • Game of Thrones: Legends (Zynga – fiscal year 2025) – Puzzle RPG mobile game.
  4. Already Released (April 2024):
    • Top Spin 2K25 (2K)
    • No Rest for the Wicked (Private Division)
    • NFL 2K Playmakers (2K)

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