[Update From 2K] Tales from the Borderlands No Longer Available For Purchase On Steam

Tales from the Borderlands

Update(23:13 IST, May 23rd): Speaking to Eurogamer, a 2K spokesperson said, “We are working to get Tales from the Borderlands back up on digital storefronts as soon as possible. All prior digital purchases of the game will of course still be honoured and supported.”

One of now-defunct Telltale Games’ best games, Tales from the Borderlands is no longer available for purchase on Steam. While the game’s page is still up on Steam, the purchase option is nowhere to be seen.

2K Games owns the Borderlands series. However, nowhere on 2K Games and Borderlands’ official websites have they mentioned anything regarding this decision. Telltale was both the developer and publisher for the game and it seems we’re seeing a transition of property ownership here.

OPINION: In the other case scenario, 2K Games might pull out the game from Steam entirely to avail it on Epic Games Store. From what they’ve decided for Borderlands 3, this explanation shouldn’t surprise many.

The game is still available on Android, iOS, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The only platform affected is PC, i.e., Steam. However, it’s still up on Humble Bundle for purchase.

We’ve contacted 2K Games to comment on the same. We’ll update this article when and if there’s a response.

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  1. Man this is getting really annoying, I can’t find the physical disk ANYWHERE how is that even possible? And now this Steam nonsense? Why is PC gaming constantly shat on?

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