Tales of Crestoria – Brand New ‘Tales’ Game Revealed

Tales of Crestoria

Bandai Namco has revealed a brand new Tales game for Android and iOS devices. The new game is named “Tales of Crestoria”, revealed through a quick 25-second teaser.

Tales of Crestoria will be the 17th game in the franchise, succeeding the 2016-release “Tales of Berseria”. The game received an 8.8 from IGN and has a 79% Metacritic score.

Weekly Famitsu covered the game and revealed early information about the game’s plot. You’ll play as a crime-burdened guy, fighting for the things that matter the most to you. Here are some translated quotes from the concept teaser (via Gematsu)

“The world said it was a crime.”

Tales of Crestoria

“I protected someone important.”

Tales of Crestoria

“I tried to save someone important.”

Tales of Crestoria

“I was born into this world.”

Tales of Crestoria

The YouTube description leads to Tales of Crestoria’s official website, that states specific rewards and pre-registration details. Players will be rewarded with Summoning Tickets as described –


  • 10,000 pre-registrations – Summoning Ticket x1
  • 30,000 pre-registrations – Summoning Ticket x2 (for a total of three)
  • 50,000 pre-registrations – Summoning Ticket x2 (for a total of five) + Twitter icons for everyone
  • 100,000 pre-registrations – Summoning Ticket x2 (for a total of seven) + Twitter header images for everyone
  • 200,000 pre-registrations – Summoning Ticket x3 (for a total of 10) + PC and smartphone wallpapers for everyone


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